As I am passionate and fascinated by the subjects of digital surveillance, censorship and privacy I have decided to do what little I can to help the situation.  To that end I shall be holding a cryptoparty on the 28th of May.

For more information on what exactly a cryptoparty is and how it can benefit you, look HERE! for more information.


Where and when:

Where:  The Ravensgate Arms, King Street, Ramsgate, Kent.  Details here.

When:  Thursday 28th May 2015 at 2000 hours.



Help will be on hand to explain the various free and open source tools you can use to secure your communications and keep your private life private.  The skills on hand will be particularly useful for journalists, whistle blowers, people living in repressive regimes and just about anyone who seeks to avoid censorship and unwarranted surveillance.





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