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As I am passionate and fascinated by the subjects of digital surveillance, censorship and privacy I have decided to do what little I can to help the situation.  To that end I shall be holding a cryptoparty on the 28th of May.

For more information on what exactly a cryptoparty is and how it can benefit you, look HERE! for more information.


Where and when:

Where:  The Ravensgate Arms, King Street, Ramsgate, Kent.  Details here.

When:  Thursday 28th May 2015 at 2000 hours.



Help will be on hand to explain the various free and open source tools you can use to secure your communications and keep your private life private.  The skills on hand will be particularly useful for journalists, whistle blowers, people living in repressive regimes and just about anyone who seeks to avoid censorship and unwarranted surveillance.





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Free Kindle Edition extended one more day.

Thanks to all those who downloaded the Free Kindle edition today.  I got to number 8 in the techno-thrillers (free) chart on


To celebrate that I’m extending the free promotion another day.

Get it here:



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Free Kindle day.

Book 1 of “The Bugman Chronicles” will be free tomorrow, Tuesday 14th April 2015 on Kindle via Amazon.


Get it while you can.



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Provisional stuff.

cover2A working title and a working cover, both could change over the coming weeks, but it’s enough to be going on with.

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First steps.

The day has finally arrived and I have began work on The Bugman 2.  Progress is faster this time and I hope I’ve learned from the mistakes of the first book.


Watch  this space as I hope in place of making it more interacting the places in Maidthis airbnb cleaning policy to stick up a preview once I have it in a reasonably presentable state…..

Free again for one day on the 28th May 2015

The celebrate the cryptoparty on the 28th I am making the book free for one day on the 28th May 2015.

Chapter one is available free as an audio-book.








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Playing with a Beaglebone black.  I think I like these…


2015-03-22 21.03.58

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Thanet Watch

This months issue of Thanet Watch has been out for a week or two now.

Get it from all good local shops.

2015-03-22 20.22.43There may well be a short article by yours truly in it….


2015-03-22 20.22.57

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You can now follow me over at Goodreads. An excellent site for readers.

Take a look at their excellent site.

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Добро пожаловать на мой посетителей из России-матушки.

Добро пожаловать на мой посетителей из России-матушки.


I seem to get most of my traffic from Russia.  I’m not sure why that would be.  The book is not even available in The Motherland.  But welcome anyway.

Though you might not even be Russian as I too rent a server or two in Moscow, so I can appear to be using the web from Russia when I wish to.

Take care folks, you poke a bear , it’s not going to be happy when you wake him.

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Free Kindle edition

Free today only!

(26th February 2015)

For the last time for the foreseeable future get The Bugman free on Kindle.





If you like it, please leave a review.  If not please tell me so I can make the next one even better.



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