The Bugman Chronicles Book 1.

By Will Conrad




“The Bugman”

Privacy is relative.

Those with money can buy it for themselves or buy someone with the skills and willingness to invade it.

David is a professional eavesdropper. For a fee he will record any conversation the client asks for. His job, of dubious legality and even more suspect morality, he moves in a world of bent lawyers, petty criminals and the flotsam and jetsam of the fringes of society. While not quite living off the grid, he inhabits a very dark and murky corner of it, keeping his head down and his anonymity intact. Things begin to unravel after a job is cancelled half way through and David must use the only tools he knows to try and stay one step ahead of a criminal gang that suddenly want him dead.

It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.




Will Conrad has worked as an avionics engineer before turning his hand to being a Private investigator specialising in covert surveillance. He builds and tests the technology and techniques used in each novel himself for maximum realism and authenticity. He spends his spare time writing and researching on matters of privacy and computer security. He is currently working on several TV scripts with co-writer Jack Coltrane.